House Malakoff on an historic site

The house Malakoff is on historic ground, above the Church of Saint Cyriacus. Here a Benedictine monastery was built on the hill once, which was founded anno 861 of the nobleman Rudolf and his son Erich and equipped with extensive land holdings. There, the founding document of today's town Wiesensteig was also signed 861. The monastery was destroyed in the medieval wars. In 1855, a restaurant was built on the mountain, the name Malakoff received by its owner - named after a fort in the fortress of Sebastopol, which was captured at the time of the Crimean War by the French. 1938 began with the construction of Albhotels Malakoff, which was performed successfully until the 80 years. 1987 rented the Christian Youth Village on the building, which then, however, in 2013 moved to Kirchheim / Teck. In November 2014 acquired Andreas Pohl (principals / owners of Jagdschule Wiesensteig) the former, well-known and prestigious hotel Malakoff from the former owners. The house Malakoff is since, under the supervision of architect pride Neidlingen, and the Senior and old master craftsmen Siegfried Pohl (Senior 84 years !!!) extensively renovated and converted into the Albhotel Malakoff, which is simultaneously constructed as a house of nature.